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i have three tables as below

Table-1: List of Accesspoints

AID | Accessponit


1 | Accespoint-A

2 | Accespoint-B

3 | Accespoint-C

Table-2: List of Jobs

ID | JobName


1 | ABC

2 | XYZ

Table-3: List of accesspoint the job should not distribute the document.



1 | 1

1 | 2

2 | 3

When i Select a job "ABC" it will display the accesspoint "A" and "B" which is the list of accesspoint it should not distribute.

What i need is, when i select a job "ABC", it should display the accesspoint "C" (to the one it is distributing).

How to overcome this kind of problem?

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Need help!

This probably isn't exactly what you are looking for, but this expression will give you a list in a text object of the excluded values:

=concat({1<Accesspoint=E({$<Jobname={$(=only(Jobname))}>}) >} Accesspoint, ', ')

Regards, Karl

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