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QV accesspoint works on server but not from network

I have an installation were QlikVieW accesspoint works fine on the server (with remote desktop) but not from any PC in the network.

We checked ports:


80/tcp   open  http

3389/tcp open  ms-wbt-server

4720/tcp open  unknown

4730/tcp open  unknown

4747/tcp open  unknown

4750/tcp open  unknown

4774/tcp open  unknown

4780/tcp open  unknown

4799/tcp open  unknown

5985/tcp open  wsman

and tried the url by ip address and by server name without success.

There is no other webserver active on this server. I use QlikView server and all services are active.

Is there something else to verify? 

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Re: QV accesspoint works on server but not from network

Hi Greta,

try to turn of windows firewall on qlikview server.