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QVS Slows down after joining Domain

Hi Guys,

I have a new installation of QVS 9 and I used IIS instead of the QV web server. Everything is OK. However once I join it to the Domain, the QV Management Console navigation slows down tremendously. Example, moving from Status Tab to User Documents Tab took 57 seconds. AccessPoint performance was degraded also.

The server is a harder system but I already ruled-out this factor by testing an un-harden system. This is our client's by the way, and they really have a not to fast network system.

Is there a thing on the QVS that I can change to solve this problem?

Thanks a lot!


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QVS Slows down after joining Domain

Try to uninstall QVS, uninstall IIS, delete IIS users, reinstall IIS and QVS.
Check in the Windows event log if you have a duplicated system id (SID) for the server in your domain (usually for cloned machines).

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