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QlikOcx Macro Parse Failed v11.2

Hi All,

We have a user who, when trying to execute a macro via the client gets:


Macro Parse Failed. Functionality was lost

Error: Permission Denied

This is a simple macro that is copying a file from one location to another.

User has access to the folders used in the macro.

User can log on to any other machine and this macro works.

Have reinstalled IE11 and the Plugin on their machine.

Please can someone help as we are stuck for a resolution.


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Re: QlikOcx Macro Parse Failed v11.2

Two questions:

  • Which version of QlikView Server are you running and which version of IE Plugin has been installed on the problem machine?
  • Can you identify the macro statement that triggers the "Permission Denied"?


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Re: QlikOcx Macro Parse Failed v11.2

Try Ctrl+Shift+M on the users machine.


Re: QlikOcx Macro Parse Failed v11.2


I am facing the same situation. Its started with one application and one user, but now is affecting others users.

The Ctrl+Shift+M solution was already in use, but now not even that is working

Any help?

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