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Server Communication Lost - Multiple Sessions Per User?

Recently upgraded to QV 10 SR4 (server and desktop software), and have noticed that there appear to be multiple sessions per user when trying to access some of the objects in our QVW deployed to the Access Point.

For example:

1. I begin to monitor the Status -> QVS Statistics -> Active Users portion of the Enterprise Management Console.

2. I login to the QV server via my web browser remotely - I now show as having 1 active session.

3. I can fully navigate around the server successfully, without any issue, until I go to open a SPECIFIC object.

4. While that object attempts to load data, I see that I increment in sessions (now showing 2) in the EMC, under Active Users

     (NOTE: Only this SINGLE object instigates this behavior, and it does NOT happen when the object is opened in the Desktop app from what I've seen)

5. After a timeout period (around 60 seconds or so) I get the 'Server Communication Lost..." and the file closes.

So... I believe the problem to be CAUSED by the QlikView server opening up a separate, unique 'session' (yet, using the same browser on the client side) while loading the data in this particular object.

I've tried adjusting timeout settings (after searching for others with similar errors), to no avail.  I'm also noticing the error logs specifying that the session was intentionally disconnected because it thought there were duplicate sessions opening up through the same user CAL (there aren't - except when the server 'thinks' that they are whenever this object is opened up).

Any suggestions?  Parsing the data is near to impossible, so I'm looking for feedback as to what (if anything) can help me isolate what is causing this.

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Re: Server Communication Lost - Multiple Sessions Per User?

What type is that object?


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Re: Server Communication Lost - Multiple Sessions Per User?

It is a Pivot Table Chart...

I also saw where others suggested having bookmarks in the document can cause issues.  Therefore, I removed the Bookmarks (through the EMC) and reloaded.

It still gives 'Server Communication Lost...' after a few short moments (not the timeout setting) of trying to load the data.

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Re: Server Communication Lost - Multiple Sessions Per User?

OK - so it seems I have managed to fix this objects issue with kicking users out of the document.  The fix is rather strange though...

I looked at the Server Objects for the doc after deleting all the bookmarks and noticed that bookmarks were STILL being created anew.  This would normally not be a big deal, except that 'Server Objects disabled on the server' is in red at the top, and the user who created them was allegedly MYSELF.  This just makes no sense to me, as I had not tried to create a bookmark at any point.

Again, I cleared out the list of bookmarks, but now updated the radio selection to 'Restricted.'

Since then, I have not had any issues with getting kicked out of the document at all.

What's the deal with bookmarks in SR4?   We did not have this issue in SR3 at all.

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