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map visualization


does anyone know if it is possible to implement a map visualization that will use country / state names as key identifier instead of needing to import longitude and latitude?

I know that in Tableau it is possible but what about QV?


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Re: map visualization

you can try this. But here you get the coordinates from google.

Re: map visualization

You can use the google chart API -- that uses country and state codes. There is a world map example here


and a US map example in the QV Cookbook.



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Re: map visualization

hi marcus,

i looked at the model you sent.

as i said, if you dond have longitude and latitude for all row in data source than your map fails.

not what im looking for but thanks...

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Re: map visualization

hi rob,

thank you for your reply.

as far as i can see, this is a static map. meaning i cant drill down in it and focus on a specific area.

im aiming at a solution that will use google maps (or any other map like GIS for example) so that the map will have some flexability but on the other hand i do want to be able to use country/ state names as data source and not longitude/ latitude info.



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Re: map visualization

You should try GeoQlik. It is a software that integrates into QlikView to provide maps visualizations. There is a free trial version that allows to use countries names to analyze data, check it out at: http://demo.geoqlik.com. You can also look at examples of this extension at http://qonnections.geoqlik.com.

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