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why would reload be so lazy


working on qlikview 11.2 sr5

I have a document that is taking around 10 minutes to reload when open via qlikview client

however this same document takes 1 hour to be reloaded by a task on the server to read the same qbd files

why would this happen?

please advise

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Re: why would reload be so lazy

Hi, Ali,

This sound strange.

Did you look at logs what did they say?

do you have some preload option enabled?. If so try by removing this option.

Try by restarting all QlikView services



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Re: why would reload be so lazy

Hi Ali,

Please post the DocumentLogs for each reload, then you should be able to see where the bottleneck is. The option can be turned in inside the Document settings when opening the document with QV Desktop.



Re: why would reload be so lazy

Where are the QVD files located relative to the server? Are thy on a file server that's connected via WAN?


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Re: why would reload be so lazy


Are you using publishing on Qlikview server. This could be the problematic area.

Try to reload without publishing the QVW

This will help to narrow down the issue


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