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Creating simple dynamic Data Quality Sheets


Creating simple dynamic Data Quality Sheets

Once loading data into the QlikView script/application, data validation becomes one of the first tasks to accomplish. Here, I have provided a simple was in order to build a data validation sheet in order to analyze data by selecting table and field. The ability to obtain statistics for the field and values, make it easier in order to perform simple data quality checks.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-21 um 11.06.54

You can download this script and copy the QlikView Objects within your own script/application:

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New Contributor

Hi Itec_Pao, this is a great script - thank you!

Is there a simple way to be able to see the "wrong" values, for example by clicking the corresponding field in the object "Profile of FieldA"? For instance, if I click "Null values" I want to see these null values". 

My problem is that one of my data quality rules is that a field has to adhere to the format "Street Name + Number". I've added a script to be able to see how many values don't adhere to this rule, but I want to see the actual values. 

Thanks in advance from a QlikView beginner..

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