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My simple Dynamic Report Builder - use with any data source


My simple Dynamic Report Builder - use with any data source

This is old news but I just realized I never gave the example someone asked for a year ago.

Load any data source(s) with unlimited tables unlimited fields.

My example uses the attached data source to load some Olympic data.

  1. Load data from any number of sources
  2. Pick one or more columns from the column picker in the app

The columns will show in the app.

The simplistic beauty is that you do not hard code the name of any fields in your chart you simply have the dimensions as ='$(vDim1)', '$(vDim2)' and so on.

Variables are setup in the load script. 

My example is set to allow 21 fields to be added to the dynamic straight table.  This means you could have 1,000 fields but the first 21 you select will be added to the chart.


Try it with my data or yours.

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