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Contributor II
Contributor II

Calculate totals

Hello Team

I have a requirement like : I need to calculate totals, percentage and average.

I have data like:

ID                      Status    Level 1     Level 2

CDE345          Open      AAA           CCC

CD456          Closed     BBB          ADE

CD789           Open      FER            RUG

CD12234      Closed    REW       WIO

CD47849      Canceled   GUR   BGR

CD4450        Canceled  UIT    TIR

CD66789     Canceled   PPP   PKAA

CD89044     Open       AAP      AAK

CD$45590   Closed    VYAP   APYV

CD4563       Active

GOUT56    nULL

I need to calculate count of id's  and average but it should not involve canceled one's in KPI's how to write formula using set analysis. 

Like wise I need to calculate percentage to show in bar chart using Level 1 as dimension. In measure I need to calculate percentage :(and count of id's/count(total id's)) something like that we need write formula. 

*but it should not involve canceled id's. **

Please help asap. Thank you!

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e.g. count({< Status -= {"Canceled"} >} ID)