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Embedding a QlikView Dashboard in SAP C4C CRM tool

Hi All,


I have been asked to figure out if it is possible to Embed a QlikView dashboard into the SAP C4C CRM environment.

I know that it is possible to extract data from SAP using a connector but after extraction and building the dashboard is it possible to host the ready application in such a way that it can be accessed from the SAP CRM environment itself so that the user does not have to go out of the SAP user interface to access the Qlik dashbaord.

Please let me know if this is possible and if any of you have done this in your projects.


Thanks in advance

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Support (Former)
Support (Former)

If you have the ability in the SAP environment to run an iFrame, you might be able to make a call to the AccessPoint.aspx call just like you would in the AccessPoint page to launch the application.  This assumes you are running NTLM Auth in the web server side and QVS is running NTFS security mode.  

You can get the AccessPoint.aspx link by going to the AccessPoint page, find the app you want to put in SAP environment, click the View Details link on that app, then right click the client link you want to use and copy that URL, that should be a URL making a call through AccessPoint.aspx etc.  Hopefully this may work, about the easiest option there is to try things, but there may be some security related issues potentially I think related to multi-hop etc., potentially.


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