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Contributor III
Contributor III

Follow the update of all reports

hi teams !

i'm looking for a solution to create a report in view manage all my reports.

i would like to know if all my data's reports are updated.

in the attachment, you will see my work.

one block by report.

You will see each number of day in a selected month.
green : datas is updated
orange : datas not updated
grey : the day has not yet arrived

To do this, I load the qvds one by one. each table represents a qvd. and then I made my blocks.
But the loading is extremely long.

And there is a complicated block configuration.

Do you have another solution for me?

Thanks a lot

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Doing it after the report-update could be become quite expensive. Therefore I suggest that you integrate the essential parts already within the update-routines, for example by checking the source-data if they contain new/changed data and if not stop the update and don't refresh the qvd's and and the following tasks within the task-chain. You may already on this point store the information in a file or you could now read the filetime() from your files.

- Marcus