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Load all files from Google Drive

Hey guys

So, I've been extracting some data from an API and storing it on Google Drive. I want to be able to load all the files stored in a Google Drive folder at once.

 I used to do it like this:


LIB CONNECT TO 'GoogleDrive';

LET vDataInicial = Date('01/01/2020','MM-YYYY');

DO WHILE vDataInicial <= Today()

LET vDataMes = Date(MonthStart(vDataInicial), 'YYYY-MM');

FOR Each vCentroCusto in FieldValueList('Id')


LOAD * FROM [lib://GoogleDrive/1Pax60O_iXL5y-p288Ad1buiEsPUh4BkL/$(vDataMes)_ROES4E_$(vCentroCusto).qvd] (qvd);

NEXT vCentroCusto;

LET vDataMes = Date(vDataInicial, 'YYYY-MM');
LET vDataInicial = Date(AddMonths(vDataInicial, 1),'DD/MM/YYYY');



Where vCentroCusto comes from another Table previously loaded. But everynow and then there's new values for vCentroCusto and there's no old files with that field on, so I get an error message like this one:


Cannot open file: 'lib://GoogleDrive/1Pax60O_iXL5y-p288Ad1buiEsPUh4BkL/2020-01_ROES4E_158.qvd' (Connector error: Error getting metadata: NotFound)


Because the vCentroCusto = 158, only exists now so there's no files that contain this variable for last year.

A solution to this would be to load all the files from the Google Drive folder without having to use these variables as it is said here "Wildcard/masking syntax is not supported. You may only load specified individual files, or all files in a specified folder." (link: official qlik help ). How can I do it?


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