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Multiple Calculations in Q 11 Extension


i am trying to generate seperate calculations for dimesion / measure combinations in a QlikView 11 Extension.

Not every dimension and measure combination should be calculated into one result.

Found this method, which enables editing of a Dimension during Extension script runtime(JavaScript) :

this.Layout.SetProperty("Chart.Dimension.0.Field", "FieldName", true);

Can i temporally save the results of a calculation (e.g. Dimension = D1  & Measure =M1) and Change the Dimension(=D2) and Measures(=M2)  for the following calculation and so on.

Does anyone have a example or code fragements/examples on this Topic?

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There is no direct support for what you are asking for. You can always in your code in your extension do that in a step-wise manner and create some logic to achieve it. It is not necessarily straightforward.