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New map that reads KML files and plots coordinates

I've been surprised recently to hear that so many people still use my old KML reading map extension, which no longer works in IE10 and is...well, really old.  Rather than fixing that extension for IE10, I rolled the KML reading functionality into my other map extension that plots coordinates.

So, if you used the KML extension before, simply use the last property in the property panel to specify the kml (actually, XML) file.  If you used the other extension that I had on market as DRAFT, simply add the coordinate dimension by pressing the in the dimensions section of the property panel.

Please keep in mind KML files tend to be large, so this extension is meant for small amounts of data, or better yet, custom regions that you've drawn yourself.

Regardless, this should also all work in IE10 now too.  I've posted it up on github here by clicking the "Download Zip" button:

Feel free to contribute useful KML files to the repository using github.


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Hi Brian,

Thanks for a great extension. I would need to have the default/starting zoom level couple of bits larget than what it is now.

I thought it would be the second parameter of the setCenter() but doesnt seem to work.

Hope you can help.

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If anyone else has this issue you just set the second parameter of the zoomToExtent to true.


Good afternoon Brian!

I'm using the extension created by you for reading maps KML. I use that last you posted, works great, inlcusive in Qlik server. However I am Brazilian, I have some KML maps I have begotten others I found, however none of them can be read by the extension. What is the standard KML to be generated to be read by extension? I am sending you an example of my KML, is the state of Brazil, so you can see WHAT is wrong with them.

Sorry for my bad English.


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At least your lacking the id tags and if i recall the map only read polygons. You need to link your data values with your map.

Creator II
Creator II

Hey Brian,

Whenever I restart my application the color in my states gets darker. Is there a way to solve this issue?



Hi Brian bmz

The conditional show on the extension works if you put a literal 1 or 0 into the input box, but an expression does not work. Is this something I can fix?