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Particular Format of Number Not Appearing When Loaded into Qlikview Chart


I have a set of data that I have loaded into a Qlikview straight table. 

All of the numbers and the data that go with them appear in the chart just fine. 

Except one group of numbers (all formatted about the same) is missing from the chart. 

Below is a screen shot of some of these numbers. Would anyone be able to tell whether these need to be loaded in some special format ? 

I have other numbers in the file that have numbers and letters like the ones below and they load just fine.

I have done nothing special in the load script, but I did try formatting them as numbers i.e. num(123),  and that did not make a difference. 

Really appreciate any suggestions! 





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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

This are alpha-numeric values respectively strings. If you now applies num() on them it will just return NULL. This means you need at first to remove the string-chars, maybe just with:

keepchar(Material, '0123456789') as Material

- Marcus