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Qlikview Workbench 11.2 no documents listed

I have a qlikview 11.2 SR12 server with workbench license.

I Installed qlikview workbench on my laptop where VS 2013 is installed.

The installation is fine, but when I wanto to see the list of my Dashboards I get only this: "---------------".

On my server I got IIS 8 , for QvAjaxZfc anonymous is enabled.

On QMC the configuration is "DMS", "Allow Anonymous on Domain"

Authentication : Always

Type: Custom User

Login Address: Alternate login page

Where am I doing wrong?

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The first time, to solve the problem I set on the QMC:

QlikView Web server -> Authentication -> Never.

But that's not a secure solution...

so i found another solution:

  • Set QlikView server to DMS authorization
  • Set IIS on QlikView server with Anonymous Disabled and Windows Authentication Enabled
  • Setup GetTicket for the sessions
  • Setup QProxy.aspx to manage cross domain problems