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Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III

Required Extension object to export pivot table data into csv/excel after reload in qlikview

Hi All,

I need an extension object in qlikview to export pivot report data into csv/excel after the refresh complete.

I am able to achieve this using macro but can't use macro so need an extension object for that.

Please help.

Working macro is mention below-

SUB ExportChartToCSV
SET v = ActiveDocument.Variables("vExport_Date")
varDate = v.GetContent.STRING
     SET  objChart = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("CH386")
     objChart.Export "filepath\data_"&varDate&".CSV", ", "


 Thanks in advance.


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Specialist II
Specialist II


Assuming you can change the script have you thought of using statements at the end of your script to create the pivoted data in a table & then store this out and drop the table.

Appreciate this is not straight forward if your model has lots of tables/the columns pivoted vary in number, but unless someone has already written an extension that does this is possibly an easier ask.