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Creator III
Creator III

Tinydropdown issues

I am looking for some web help.

I am trying to use the tinydropdown extension created by pbo‌, however I am experiencing 2 issues.

1. When working out of desktop app (web mode), the menu lists dont always take you to the desired path. For example, I have a menu of 4 items across the top (Welcome, Core, Populations, CareGaps).


The first one is not a link and just takes you to a single tab. That is working as it should. The second has a drop-down of 5 items (Pyramid, KP, Registry, Patient Detail, Glossary). The third item has a drop-down of 2 items (Pop Metrics,Pop Metrics) and the last has 3 items (Care Gaps, Care Gaps Detail, Stars).

dropdown ex.png

dropdown 2 ex.png

Here is what happens when you click on each of them:

WelcomeGoes to Welcome sheet
PyramidGoes to pyramid sheet
KPIGoes to KPI tab
RegistryGoes to registry tab
Patient DetailGoes to patient detail
GlossaryGoes to glossary
Pop MetricsGoes to the first item listed under Core (i.e. Pyramid)
Pop MetricsGoes to the second item listed under Core (i.e. KPI)
Care GapsGoes to the third item listed under Core (i.e. Registry)
Care Gaps DetailGoes to the fourth item listed under Core (i.e. Patient Detail)
StarsGoes to the fifth item listed under Core (i.e. Glossary)

It seems that the first list is being repeated, even though the labels are correct. There are more menus in my application and once the first list has been repeated once, it moves on to the second list, etc.

2. The second issue is not having the menu render on accesspoint at all. I have installed the extension on the server and it tries to work but there seems to be an error:

web error.png

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Creator III
Creator III

Anybody have a suggestion here?

Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III


yes - the problem has occurred a long time ago, but just in case someone should encounter the same problem:

For 2) a solution is described at

Just add in Script.js after line 47

var tabelem = mainMenuElem.getElementsByTagName ("li");

the line

var slice = Array.prototype.slice; tabelem = (tabelem);