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Using the QlikView Firebug Document Extension, unable to modify the CSS on the fly

Two questions around using the Firebug Document Extension from: Firebug extension.

  1. After installing the Firebug Extension in a QlikView document, I click in the HTML tab in the bottom panel and select a div tag.  I can see the CSS selectors on the right but I'm unable to modify the CSS on the fly.  Instead, I see a small gray circle with a slash across it when I hoverer over the CSS property:value pairs.  Is there some setting I need to make?
  2. When I select the Script tab in the bottom panel, I get an, "access to restricted URI denied" message.  Is anyone able to debug Javascript code (set breakpoints, watch variables, etc.) in QlikView desktop with the Firebug extension?  If not, is there some other way to step through Javascript code other than using the browser's Web Dev tools on the server?  I'm familiar with alert()... looking for more interactive approaches on the Desktop.



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