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9 pivot tables in ONE chart? How would you solve it?

Hi Guys,

One of our customers requirement was to create a 'multiple pivot table' that would show all the differenttypes of calculations in one chart.

What this charts displays is a summery (management) report of different caclulations (e.g. Financial, Performance, FTE), same management report as microsoft Excel.

Since this is not possible to achieve within Qlikview, I solved this using an inline table. Since I don't have any dimensions (except from the inline table), I have to use IF for each calculation. There are more than 70 IF staments in my expression, which really makes it difficult to maintain.

I was wondering if there isn't a more sufficient way to solve the above matter the customers need?

Attached is a screenshot sample. Since it contains management info I had to scramble the description.

Looking forward for all of your ideas/input



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Re: 9 pivot tables in ONE chart? How would you solve it?

A raw solution could be having 9 charts and hide/show the selected one by a button or a list box ...

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