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Diagrams in QV-App are only available after Reload


I am facing the following issue: In a QlikView-App which is actually not for HR, but for an operative department, I access certain data from our personell database to find out whether, on any given Saturday, the company was producing or not. Depending thereon, the colour in one of the diagrams is changed.

Ever since I have built in this direct DB query, however, the diagram on the homepage (which is actually based on an INLINE table) is never displayed until I have reloaded the data - and every time I close the App and re-open it, it's the same - the diagram is not available before I have reloaded even though it has absolutely nothing to do with the data from the personell database.

Can anybody give me a hint how I can fix this? It just looks weird when you open a QlikView-App and the homepage shows a crossed-out diagram...

Thanks a lot!

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