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Excel data - Charts - Data normalization - Time values in column


I'm looking for a way to display a huge series of products in line charts.

The format I'm getting data in looks like this:

SerialProduct Group AProduct Group AAQuantity 2012.01Qty 2012.02Qty 2012.03Sales 2012.01Sales 2012.02Sales 2012.03...

I would like to display the data in 2 line charts, 1 for quantities and 1 for sales, with time on the X axis and summarized by product group A or AA.

Up to know, I was flattening the data in Access using a time field.

Is there a way in Qlikview to use directly the raw data ?



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Excel data - Charts - Data normalization - Time values in column

Hi Robert,

You can use cross table for this. First load Dimension and Quantity data and do the cross table  and then again load dimension and Sales data and do the cross table and after that using concatenation or link table you can get your desired result.

Hope this will help.


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