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Format issues

Hey all,

Can somebody help me with 2 format issues:

1. When i cluster something (you get the +), the name is missing (see the yellow marked field). I want to have written here "Totaal", like when i don't cluster it.

2. Can i change the format for the cell expressopn "Actual ytd"? I want to have this cell in the same dark blue colour as "Rekening_cluster" and "Rekening_naam". The output (in underneath case all zero's) need to be in light blue.

Thanks already for the advice.

Regards Maarten

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Re: Format issues

Hi Maarten,

Right click on the chart, you will see custom format cell option. Change the background color to white for the specific Cell/ dimension,

Capture (1).PNG

Regarding the label,


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Re: Format issues

Hey Tamil,

Thx for your reply.

The first question is solved.

The second is still outstanding. The label is still blank when i press on the +, when i press on the - ít says TOTAL

Another idea?


Re: Format issues

Sorry Maarten. I have no idea.