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Hover Text gets truncated in WebView mode


I have a straight table where I am displaying comments. These comments are pretty huge and when we hover over, it displays full text in desktop mode. But in webview mode, when we hover over the text gets truncated. We are using SR5. Is this a limitation of qlikview? Did anyone face this problem?

Thanks for your help.

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Re: Hover Text gets truncated in WebView mode

can you not increase the number of rows per cell in presentation tab? i run into this with some of my glossary items so i size the cells to make sure all text is visible.

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Re: Hover Text gets truncated in WebView mode

These are very huge text, so even if i increase they would not fit in the cell. I am able to see all the comments when i open through Firefox, but when I open it through IE it gets truncated. I guess it's IE limitation not sure.

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