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Modification date of qvw-file

I wondering if there is a possibility to get the modification date from the qvw-file. I'd like to put that information on an Intro-tab together with some other info/data such as ReloadTime(). Please note that the modification date I'm looking for should not be the date when it was last reloaded, but the date when the design or script was altered. Any ideas?


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Re: Modification date of qvw-file

Use a variable or a data island (a table not related no the model)

And use it in the UI


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Re: Modification date of qvw-file

Maybe you can do something like this

LET vLastLoadStart= Now();
LET vNoOfRows= 0;
LET vVersion= 0.9;
LET vBuild= 131228;


LET vNoOfRows= vNoOfRows
+ Alt(NoOfRows('Facttable'), 0)
+ Alt(NoOfRows('Facttable'), 0)
+ Alt(NoOfRows('Facttable'), 0);

LET vLastLoadEnd

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Re: Modification date of qvw-file

Hi Jeroen

i would say an easy way to do it is to store either in an INLINE table or external table something like

Date / Modification No / Modication Description / Tab / Object / Version

this will give you a following of all youor modifications you can even query on thru these filters

I do it quite often to keep an inline following of versions and what has beee done

best regards


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Re: Modification date of qvw-file

Hi Thomas, This code will give you the saving date on your file, I dont know if you can fetch changes without saving the document. A reload will then give you last savetime, and you can compare it with ReloadTime(). Set File=  'yorfilename.qvw'; FileInfo: Load FileTime(FileName) as FileTime; Load * Inline [ FileName "$(File)" ]; //Staffan

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