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Web page update problems related to Input-field?

Hi all

We run a Production follow-up in one of our factories. On the shop floor and in the office. The page is updated every 15 minutes (script run). Some fields/functions are set by Input fields through the web interface. This works fine. But when the page is left idle on the monitor, the information related to Input-fields can become incorrect. After an F5 the information is OK again.

Before refresh:

After refresh:


I know, the pictures are blurry but the difference is obvious. The orange blobs are different. Note, the script update date/time at the top is identical.

We experience the same problem on PCs here, at the office there and on the shop floor monitors run by thin clients.

The file contains the correct information but something happens in the published version when left inactive. This has lead me to believe that there are some settings for the publishing server in QEMC.

The error has started to occure after we upgraded from 10 to Qlikview 11.

Maybe some of you smart people out there can provide some explanation and solution.

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