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I have the following issue i need help with.


Contract name , Contract start date, contract original end date, contract end date, contract extension period (months), contract number of possible extensions

contract absolute end date.


contract 1 , 2010-01-01 , 2012-12-31, 2014-12-31, 12 months, 6, 2016-12-31

As seen from the example the contract 1 started on 2010-01-01 and had a original en date  2012-12-31 (start date + 12months)

then the end date being  2014-12-31 shows that the contract was extended 4 times each time for 12 months. Finally as the number of extension periods possible is 6 then the abssolute end date is  2016-12-31 which is 2010 + 6*12 months.

What is needed is a chart that will show all of these dates like start, original end, end date and absolute end date and att the same time show how many extension periods have been used in referance to Todays date. Naturally some color respresentation.

I have tried to create this using stacked bar chart and i managed to view a bar showing and offset of startdate then showing start to original end in one color, original to end date as second color and finally end to absolute end date as the third one.

The things i am not able to make qlikview show are the extension periods that should be show in the chart. sometimes in the interval between original and end dates ( used extensions) and other time between the end and absolute end dates (unsed extensions)

Does any one have a suggestion or solve a similar problem?



see the attached picture for a screen shut.  Green = original to start dates,  yellow = end to original end, red = absolue to end date and the red line is for today.

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