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using result of a variable in an expression

Dear users,

I would like to see if a person passed his examen (geslaagd = 1) when he leaves (uitstroom = 1) school.

This is what i think i should do, the point is that this doesn't not work.

This formule should count all 'deelnemersnrs' who got their diploma at least once.


           where geslaagd = 1

                      if a person studies 4 year and gets a diploma (geslaagd = 1) during it's second year ,but does not

                     pass his examen (geslaagd = 0) during it's fourht year it still count's as 1, because during it's time in

                     school he has passed his examen at least once

          where uitstroom = 1


This formule should count all 'deelnemernrs' who didn't got their diploma.


           where geslaagd = 0

                      if a person studies 4 year and did not get his diploma during that period

          where uitstroom = 1


Please help,

Gr. Sandeep