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Access to QMC denied

Hi all,

I have created a new user that is part of "Administrator" and "qlikview Administrator" groups.

However I am unable to open the QMC.

What are the other requirements ?

Thank you for your help

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Re: Access to QMC denied

try like this

Add your Windows account name to the local group "QlikView Administrators" on the QlikView Server platform. Then log out, log in, and reopen the QMC

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Re: Access to QMC denied

Hi Laura,

You need to add ur name here:



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Re: Access to QMC denied

Thank you.

I had added me to this group but I didn't know I needed to restart the server so it is well taken into account

It works now.

Re: Access to QMC denied

if you have got the answer..please mark the correct and helpful answers so that it will be helpful others


Re: Access to QMC denied

You probably did not need to restart the server. You just needed to log out and log back in to get Windows to see your new group membership.

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Re: Access to QMC denied

I could see I was part of the group (my id was in the list) but still I didn't have the rights... I couldn't restart the server for example. Once I restarted it with another login (an admin one), I got all my rights.

Re: Access to QMC denied

I think that Jonathan's answer is a more Correct one.

Please mark as such in order to avoid thousands of QlikView servers worldwide getting restarted just to add a user to a local group

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