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Can not execute macros since upgrading to 12.10

Dear Community

Since we have updated our systems to QlikView 12.10 we are no more able to execute macros (write a comment in a .txt-file) over the accesspoint of QlikView (producitve Environment)

The Application is secured by section Access and the user have to write a comment which is stored as a .txt file on the server.

The web (accesspoint) and qv-server are running on a seperate environment over our network. The productive QlikView Server runs on a clustered Environment, on the other hand the developing environment holds the web and qlikview server on the same physical server.


the productive environment: webserver (virtual) and two clustered physical qlikview-server

on the developing side: webserver and qlikviewserver on the same physical server.

Those things I could sum up to avoid most of the possible questions:

- On our developing environment the macros are working with section Access.

- On our productive environment the macros are not working with section Access.

- If we disable the section Access only over the document properties configurations  with the checkboxes, the execution of the macro does work :

- If following configs are activated, the macros does not work

- The QlikView Desktop runs on two virtual xenDesktop Servers.

- everything is on the version 12.10.SR2

- the file will be created as and stored on the Server as a technical user. So the Access is controlled over the user number via section access, but once opened the application with accesspoint the macro is executed through a technical user who is allowed to write files on the Server

- allowexecutecommand is enabled on the server in the Setting.ini file.

- from the qlikview Desktop we are able to write commands with the macro on the server for both environment.

I hope you can help me somehow, because I am looking for a answer since ond and half week.

Thank you in advance  for your time to help me, appreciate that.

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