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QV Training for end users


I've done some training with QV end users. I was teaching them how they could modify their copy of a QV report in the browser, adding list boxes, cloning tables and changing them, calculating new dimensions, and a little bit of set analsis too.

I was wondering if there is any documentation for end users that I could give them. is there anything available?

Many thanks.

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Re: QV Training for end users


did you try this .

How Does QlikView Work?



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Re: QV Training for end users

From my experience, the free training has some utility but end user training documentation is created to be a bespoke piece of documentation which is associated with the newly implemented dashboards.


Re: QV Training for end users

Hi James,

You need to be careful with what you allow or teach the end users. They can take down you system if they try to add a table with several million row of data. Also, if there are issues and the .share file becomes corrupted, they could lose all their objects.


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Re: QV Training for end users

that link is broken. here's another: How Does QlikView Work?

It's not documentation though, it's a video.

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Re: QV Training for end users

Hello James,

QvM - QlikView for business users introduction videos‌ are the education videos I include in my apps. It is a free youtube playlist.

Hope you find it usefull.

Have fun Qlik'n, Koen