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Qlikview Server off duty?

Hello there,

I did one installation and server (Qlikview Server 10 SR4) set up couple of months back.

It was working fine until last week we shifted our physical server from one palce to another so the IP address of the Qlikview Server has changed.

After this now my Qlikview server (QVS Servies) status changed to "Off-Duty" and we cann't access the Qlikview documents from last four days.

Please,any ideas, what should I changed or checked to reslove this? we don't have Qlikview Publisher license.

Thanks in advance.


Sandip Patel.

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Re: Qlikview Server off duty?

Have got it resloved.


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Re: Qlikview Server off duty?

hi Sandip,

generally Off duty message is shown when you use same Qlikview server licenses on two machine on a same network.

If you had earlier installed it in another machine then try to clear the registry files.


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Re: Qlikview Server off duty?

Hi Deepak,

Thanks for your time and reply, appreciate it.

Yes,that could be one scenario of but in my case it does not apply.

Though I did manage to get resolve this by editing few settings.

Thanks & Regards,

Sandip Patel.


Re: Qlikview Server off duty?

Hi Sandip,

Could you perhaps tell some more about which settings you edited?

I got a similar problem after upgrading from version 10 to 11. I think i have tried almost everything - including downgrading back to version 10 - but nothing seems to help. One of the servers is always "off duty"...

I would be very pleased if you could share some details of how you handleded it?



Re: Qlikview Server off duty?

I had the problem when some user-rights was changed for the user running the services. This is what I did:

  • Get the user right on the services
  • Start the services under the new user-credentials
  • Install (repair) the QlikView Server again
  • Restart all the services

and that worked .......

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Re: Qlikview Server off duty?

Solved !!! howww??Correct Answer!!!! Amazing Answer.


Re: Qlikview Server off duty?


Do you mind sharing what you did to fix your issue, so others can take advantage?

Thank you!


Re: Qlikview Server off duty?

Hi Stefan,

In my case an old server still had the services installed and started - so 2 different machines where trying to use the same license.

1) I removed all the QV installations from the old server.

2) Cleared all the licenses on the new servers

3) Rebooted the new servers

4) Typed the licenses again on the new servers.

And it worked.

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Re: Qlikview Server off duty?

I wonder what settings Sandip edited.

It seems we may have a 3rd situation; it seems to be neither "same QV server license" nor "user-rights" for us.

Here's our situation: "If I stop all the services and then restart them making sure to start QVS first, everything works. However, if I reboot, the QVS service doesn't come back up on its own. I can't manually restart it [to make everything work] unless I stop all the other services first."

Thanks for your pointers in advance.