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Recover missing CALs Problem // Strange path


got a problem with missing document CALs.

Tried to recover 15 CALs by getting information from the CalData.pgo file in XML format.

Ive got on .qvw that has the following path


How can i handle this strange path?N

Where do i have to put the .QVW file to recover the CALs?

Thanks in advance!



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Re: Recover missing CALs Problem // Strange path

From the message, it looks like there were two Document folders one was Root and another was Mounted folder. Either the folders should have been removed or changed.

Try to add the mounted folders again and place a PURCHASING_LAYOUT.QVW file in both the locations and check it out.

In the source document folder if the PURCHASING_LAYOUT.QVW task had been deleted, you can find it in the orphan folder to see the distributed file path.

Other solutions:

If above solution doesn't work and if it's a small deployment, then you can delete the PGO files and restart the services to regenerate it again, it would recover the licenses but the licenses user configuration will be lost and you have to setup it again.