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New Contributor III

Export to excel macro not working in QMC

Hi All,

i have this export to excel macro which is running fine and files are created if i reload the application in desktop .

But if i reload using QMC the macro is not working and Files are not created . i am using Qlikview 11.20 SR12 Publisher  version .

Sub Exporttoexcel

dim filesys, newfolder, newfolderpath

   set obj = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("CH24")

   obj.Export newfolderpath&"E:\Live\Source\QV Admin\DataSources\QV Details.csv",","

End sub

2 Replies
Valued Contributor II

Re: Export to excel macro not working in QMC

Macros does not run in QMC. You will have to use a batch reload.

qv.exe /r app.qvw

Schedule it in Supporting tasks External program or Task scheduler in Windows.

Re: Export to excel macro not working in QMC

This macro may work if you use the IE plugin and without triggering it on reload. It probably will not execute on the server, but it may run well on your client machine.

Check Chapter 81 Using Macros in QV Documents on the QV-Server in the QlikView Reference Manual to learn what does and what does not work in your situation. Especially the trigger limitations.


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