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Migrating QlikView Server...help


I need to migrate a QlikView Server 10 to another machine with QlikView Server 10.

How can I move all configuration and scheduled tasks ?

I need to move everything (configuratio, authorization with dms, scheduled task, publisher tasks, etc..) to build a new machine that is identical to the first one because after that I'm going to dismiss it.

Can you give me some information on how I can do this ?

Thanks a lot.

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Re: Migrating QlikView Server...help

There are good step-by-step instructions in the latest server manual (ver 11). Those should apply also for version 10 but I haven't migrated to that version so you should verify that this is true.

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Re: Migrating QlikView Server...help

this attached document should help.  it not only discusses v11, but v9 and v10 scenarios as well.