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which security?

Which is the best way to enforce securty for accessing qvw files? NTFS od DMS?

I my scenario several user access the documents over the network, each user is logged on in the enterprise portal by a SSO that save a cookie with the authentication informations.

How can I read the cookie informations to automate the log-in process? Is it possible using the option called custom log-in page?

Thank you for your help.


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which security?


If you have Publisher then you can go with NTFS, or Even DMS.

If you don't have Publisher I would suggest you to go with DMS authorization.

Regarding single sign on, Yes user can automatically be logged in with the users.

For that you need to check in internet explorer, internet option --> security --> internet --> custom Level --> in user authentication --> select logon with the current user automatically.

Hope that helps,




Re: which security?

I need some way to read the cookie data…I can’t manage the internet settings

of the entire network.

It may afflict some other applications…

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