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Add date to data in the script


I need to analyze the model by year quarters and months.

Sales table between 2007 - 2010 and the budget table should be the same every year.

Can someone show me how to add it to the script?

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Re: Add date to data in the script

You can create the Year field by : Year(DateField) AS Year

and Quarter by: Q & Ceil(Month(DateField)/3) AS Quarter

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Re: Add date to data in the script

Or You can create the Master Calender Table and connected the Calender Table through your Date field.



          Year(DATEFIELD) AS YEAR,

          Month(DATEFIELD) AS MONTH

          'Q' & Ceil(Month(DATEFIELD)/3) AS QUARTER,

          Week(DATEFIELD) AS WEEK



Resident From SALES_TABLE;

You can any other calender fields to CALENDAR table if you need.

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