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All data truncated to 3 characters?

I have been using Qlikview 9.00.7502.8 SR5 x64 for some time now.  At some point (I can't identify the trigger event) my data started to truncate after 3 characters after reload.  ALL data!  All of the rows come over for all of the tables but every field is cut off at 3 characters.  The data shows up normally if I access it through my DB manager, or through Query or DB Visualizer, so the data is there correctly, and the DB is handing it off correctly to other products.

Any and all suggestions greatfully accepted.  To help with the visualization, below are samples of how the data should look, how it currently looks, and what the specific table looks like.

Thanks for your help,

Don Scattergood

Mark Systems



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All data truncated to 3 characters?


     Check by resizing elements inside the chart by pressing ctrl+shift you all see the red lines inside the chart.

     Or check by recreating the chart.


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All data truncated to 3 characters?

Thank you for the quick response.  Unfortunately, this is not the issue.  The problem is not with this particular chart but with every chart, form and listing on every sheet in my document.  For example, here's another sheet that includes mutliple charts.  Please note that the descriptive data is truncated to 3 characters across the board, other than "No Vendor Designated" which is a calculated value.  So the problem is not with the display but rather with the way the data is being received.