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Bar/Symbol Chart Possibilities

Hey All,

I am trying to create a Milestone/Gantt Chart visualization and I was wondering if anyone knows if the following can be performed using a single chart?

Milestone Gantt.jpg

currently I am producing this by overlaying two charts, one for the bar one for the symbols - works well except when you try to scroll, only the top image scrolls disassociating the data.

when I try to put the same info into a line bar chart I get the following:

Mixed graph.jpg

any ideas would be greatly appreciated



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Re: Bar/Symbol Chart Possibilities


will you provide the sample data

it may possible with bar offset option in expressions


Re: Bar/Symbol Chart Possibilities

Can you not do this with combo chart with symbols for expressions > 2 and select the horizontal style?


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Re: Bar/Symbol Chart Possibilities

Maybe you could use a combi-chart with bars and points (instead of lines). Maybe also this posting is helpful: Recipe for a Gantt chart

- Marcus

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Re: Bar/Symbol Chart Possibilities

when wanting to use multiple symbols in a chart, especially when trying to build a milestone chart, a combo chart is the way to go - it will allow differnt symbols for different expressions

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Re: Bar/Symbol Chart Possibilities

Here is some sample data:

SwimLane 1650.37511/3/2009Milestone18/15/2011
SwimLane 1650.37511/3/2009Milestone211/3/2009
SwimLane 25937/15/2011Milestone12/27/2013
SwimLane 25937/15/2011Milestone27/15/2011
SwimLane 31898/9/2012Milestone312/8/2011
SwimLane 31898/9/2012Milestone18/22/2013
SwimLane 31898/9/2012Milestone41/31/2013
SwimLane 31898/9/2012Milestone28/9/2012
SwimLane 31898/9/2012Milestone52/14/2013
SwimLane 31898/9/2012Milestone610/4/2012
SwimLane 31898/9/2012Milestone712/20/2012
SwimLane 41131.62512/29/2010Milestone12/3/2014
SwimLane 41131.62512/29/2010Milestone212/29/2010
Swim Lane 5790.6254/3/2012Milestone16/3/2014
Swim Lane 5790.6254/3/2012Milestone24/3/2012
Swim Lane 5790.6254/3/2012Milestone511/2/2012

The SwimLane is the different rows

The Duration Bar is the length of the bar

The BarOffset is where the bar Begins

The Milestone are the different symbols

The MilestoneDate is the placement of the symbols

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Re: Bar/Symbol Chart Possibilities

This is what I am trying to do with the second image I pasted.

The thing is the Milestones are variable ~100 different ones, would I need to create an expression for each name?

Currently I have the swimlane name and milestones both as dimensions and milestone date as the expression.

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Re: Bar/Symbol Chart Possibilities

Thanks for the link - I looked at it, but I am currently able to have the Gantt part work, it does not go into how to build in milestones as well.

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Re: Bar/Symbol Chart Possibilities

hi vincent,

you are going in right direction using bar chart,please classify each milestone/swimline as an expression each



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Re: Bar/Symbol Chart Possibilities

So I would need to make an expression for each potential (~100 different milestones) - wouldnt't that kill performance?

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