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Valued Contributor II

Calculated Primary Key


I want to create one calculated primary key, but requirement is that:

Primary key in Table 1, but the condition is lookup from Table 2 and some field conditions from Table 3.

Here there is no join between table 1 and Table 2 but we need to do lookup.

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Valued Contributor III

Re: Calculated Primary Key

Hi Sasi,

it might help if you provided a few lines of data from each table to help illustrate the issue.

It sounds like you'll need to maybe do something like:

Load Table 2

Load Table 3

Set up mapping table based on Table 3

Load Table 1 where your key exists in Table 2, and also maybe where the results of the Table 3 mapping are ok


Contributor III

Re: Calculated Primary Key


Please give an exemple.

I think you sould make a left join between table 1 et 2 to get only the needed field into table 1 (not all field from table 2 but only needed ones) then the same process with table 1 and 3.

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