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Count values per category


I am quite new to Qlikview. My loading script should now be correct, but I am now having trouble displaying the correct data in my graphs.

My data table consists of ID's group category indicators and of course other fields

I want to have a barchart that counts the null values per category. I have done that, but I actually do not want to group by the groups as present in the category field, but I want to make new groups out of those values.

I have 9 different groups, which results in a bar chart with 9 bars, 1 per group. I actually want 1 bar for a particular group value, and one bar for all the rest. Would I need to make a new field in my script or could I write this in my bar chart dimensions?

Thanks in advance for your help. 

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Re: Count values per category

Use a calculated dimension such as this:

If(Match(Groups, 'Group1', 'Group2', ...), Bar1Name, Bar2Name)


Re: Count values per category

It would be easier to help if you post some data and maybe some picture of what you want

Re: Count values per category


one solution might be:




hope this helps



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