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Currency Conversion in QlikView

Hi All,

I am fairly new to QlikView and hence my asking the community. I am building a sales app for a client.

I have a question regarding currency conversion. The client (holding company) requested one of two scenarios for currency conversion.

There are a load of different currencies and all need to be converted to USD. They also want the app to reload daily.

They will be happy with either of these scenarios:

1. A single currency conversion per company per month for historic conversions (excel file). On a daily basis one should then do the conversion from a database table that updates late afternoon(this will only be relevant if one looks at the very latest data (i.e data for the day following the previous nights' reload).  However, this tables' data changes daily and no history is held. They are happy if we take the previous months' average.

Additionally, as a use case one might want to have a look at the sales data ONLY for the current month. The historical averaged monthly data will only be updated on the last day of the month and as I already mentioned, the daily data will not be stored so tere will be a gap!

2. Alternatively they will also be happy with a conversion only on a monthly basis. The gap I just mentioned will therefore still be relevant.

Can anyone give me some advice on how to tackle this problem, possibly with an example?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Currency Conversion in QlikView

Perhaps this blog post will give you ideas: Creating a Date Interval from a Single Date

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