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Data load from qvd file using QEMC

Hi All,

I have developed a application test.qvw and copied that file to source document (\\machinename\Manufacturing) folder through QEMC. I want to load data from a qvd file say testdata.qvd which is created by other application in the same source document (\\machinename\Manufacturing) folder. the script i have used to load the data is


load * from testdata.qvd (qvd); (The point i have noticed  that the (qvd) is not comming in blue color as load and from keywords testdata.qvd (qvd) is in green color)

but the data is not loading from the qvd file and it get failed when i run this application in QEMC.

Please help me


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Data load from qvd file using QEMC

So the .qvd file is in the same folder as the .qvw file right? In that case it should work, assuming the account running the reload has file access to the .qvd file.

What does the reload log say?