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Date generating issues

Hi buddy,

I have a two dates fields based on that i'm generating dates difference between them by using interval match.Now the problem it will generate nulls values in that field. my requirement is where ever the null values i need to replace with Task_close_at filed date.Please help me out.PFACapture.JPG

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Re: Date generating issues

You are trying to use IntervalMatch() with a interval table that has undefined (null) values for the end date (task_closed_at). That leads to null values for Link Date. If you set task_closed_at in the PENDING table while loading it to some future date then you will remove these nulls and the following IntervalMatch() should be alright.

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Re: Date generating issues

It does not really know how you want to handle the case you raise. What output you expect?

try with:

if(IsNull([Link Date]), task_closed_at, [Link Date])


Re: Date generating issues

This seems to be a cross-post of exactly the same issue on the same application made by two different members... Really strange. Please don't cross post - it waste a lot of time for others trying to help and it is very disrespectful.

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