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Distinct Values expression

Hi Folks,

I am facing an issue to calculate distinct values in a expression. In my Table S_Ticket is the Unique field and have amount

now the problem is if adding that unique to some other fields the amount is duplicating...please help me out and find below snapshot for reference. Im expecting output same as in the below snapshot.


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Re: Distinct Values expression

Hello Siva,

Trust that you are doing well!

After reviewing the snapshot, amount is listed every time against unique Ticket (First Column). Could you please elaborate more on your requirement? Also, share the application with sample data. This will help us to better understand the current situation.



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Re: Distinct Values expression

I suppose, that "Ouput" is an "aggr() - expression".

Then you could use aggr(nodistinct ...) perhaps...

For further information you'll have to contribute a small example.

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