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Expression required for Gantt chart

I have a column named Actual dates which consists of all the dates from 01-01-2018 to 31-12-2018.

I have some employees planned for travel or vacation for some days. So i have 2 columns named startname and endname.

i want to show in a gantt chart.

I have done an expression which is representing the travel or vacation in two different colors but i need the remaining dates to be filled with third color.

i attached the image with blue and orange is the actual output as shown in vacation_actual.png i am getting. but i need the remaining dates must be filled with red color as shown vacation_expected.png.


I have attached a sample file along with this.

Anybody help in this!!!!!


Yoganantha Prakash G P

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Re: Expression required for Gantt chart

Anybody can help in this!