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Macro called from script not working - can anyone help ?

I have a macro function that returns the tab names separated by commas.

function TabNames ()

     docprop = Activedocument.GetProperties
     ArrayScript = split(docprop.Script,"///$tab ")

     For i=1 to Ubound (ArrayScript)
          TabDetails = split (ArrayScript(i), chr (13))

          if i > 1 then
               TabNames = TabNames & "," & TabDetails (0)
               TabNames = TabDetails (0)
          end if
end function

This works fine in 'test' mode but it fails when I call it from the script. If I narrow it down:

This works and returns 'Test Worked'


function TabNames ()
    TabNames = "Test worked"
end function

This fails and returns blank

function TabNames ()
     docprop = Activedocument.GetProperties
     TabNames = "Test worked"
end function

So it's the docprop = Activedocument.GetProperties that causes it to fail. Can anyone help ? I am running the macro with system access/allow system access and it still doesn't work.

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