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Merging unrelated models together

Hello there

Is it possile to link different qvw's together.

I made models separately per sheet as mini models but now need 1 big model with all the sheets in 1 qvw. How can i do this without manually having to re-do everything?

Thank you in advance.

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Re: Linking qvw sheets together


Try this:

1.create tab for each qvw file

2. create trigger for each tab activation and action>external>open qlikview document



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Re: Linking qvw sheets together

I don't think I understand that, could you please be more specific. An example would be much help as well.


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Re: Merging unrelated models together

Please help people.

I have models:

1. commands.qvw

2. netstat.qvw

3. analysis.qvw

I want to merge these to one .qvw. So far i have created a new qvw with a sheet I have named 'HOME'. I have also added  3 sheets (tabs) namely: 'Commmands'; 'Netstat'; 'Analysis'.

On the HOME page I have created 3 buttons with the names of 3 tabs.

How do I link the models to the tabs I have created and how do I link the buttons on the HOME page to the tabs?

Where do i go from here?

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