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Need help in connecting to database oracle


i have an oracle database and made an odbc connection.

when i try to connect to the database from qv edit script it thorws an error saying  mismatch betwwen server and application.

i am using  windows 7 oracle 11g as a databse.

i checked the force 32 bit in qv edit script, still it thorws an error.

i was able to connect before when i was using windows xp and recently i was migrated to windows 7.

can someone has overcome this kind of issue???

helpful answers would be really appreciated


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Re: Need help in connecting to database oracle

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Re: Need help in connecting to database oracle

Might be ur system/DNS 64 bit..

Make sure your DNS also same bit (32/64)..

You can find bit of odbc driver on taskmanager.. Please look the below link